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Feature Overview


Smart User Targeting

Selects marketing targeted users via ranking algorithm, based on public and authorized onchain data.

New Marketing Interactions

Enables new ways of onchain marketing interactions, such as brand advertising, viral gaming, etc.


User Data Protection

Following GDPR principles, Atlas Protocol gives data ownership back to user.

Team Member

Duran Liu

Duran Liu

Co-Founder, Growth

Previously Head of Nebulas Labs. Former Senior Software Engineer at Google HQ, leading multiple machine learning application projects in Google Play and Cloud Firebase. Former Senior Software Engineer at FreeWheel, initiating the first-generation mobile video advertising product. Former software engineer in IBM China Development Lab. Got Master’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Cheng Li

Cheng Li

Co-Founder, Engineering

Former Senior Software Engineer at Google NYC. Worked on speech recognition/biasing, assistant query understanding and knowledge graph in Google Play. Former Director of Engineering at FreeWheel NYC with 7+ years of experiences in building advertising system for the Internet, running engineering teams in both Beijing and New York. Graduated from Peking University with Master’s degree in Computer Science, with focus on information security.


Cheng Li

Hitters Xu

Founder of Nebulas

Founder & CEO of Nebulas, Founder of AntShares (NEO), a blockchain pioneer in China, former Director of Ant Financial's Blockchain Platform (Alibaba’s financial arm) and part of Google's Search & Anti-Fraud team. Since 2013, Hitters has founded BitsClub (the very first Blockchain/Bitcoin community in China), ICO365 (one of the largest ICO platforms) and FBG Capital (one of the earliest Crypto funds). Got Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tongji University.

Jeremy Zhou

Co-Founder of Jide Technology

Co-Founder of Jide Technology. Joined Google in 2000 as the 103rd employee. Jeremy was responsible for the development of 60% of the first generation of Google advertising code, wrote Google's first line of Java code, and participated in the development of Stubby, Google Talk and other Google products. Early investor of Lightinthebox (NYSE: LITB). Bachelor from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Master from Stanford University.

Duran Liu

Ellen Wang

Founder of Linked-Media

Founder & CEO of Linked-Media. Co-Founder of Soci-Link, group shareholder of Xiamen Providers Online Technology Co. Ltd (NEEQ 831916). Special Invited Expert of Tsinghua Crossover Innovation Research Center (TCIRC). Executive Secretary General of CCPS Media Lab. Over 12 years of experiences in digital media management and operations in Google & Microsoft. Graduated from Yale School of Management and Nanjing University.

Duran Liu

Pinzhong Tang

Associate Professor,IIIS,Tsinghua University

Assistant Professor at IIIS, Tsinghua University, completed PhD in CS Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2010 and then did his post-doc research on AI, economics and computation and game theory at Carnegie Mellon University. Research focusing on the interdisciplinary topics between AI and Game Theory, as well as its applications in e-Commerce, blockchain and internet advertising. Had multiple collaborations with industry and publications recognized by academic awards.


2019 and beyond|Product v2 and ecosystem
Product v1 Launch|Q4 2018
Q3 2018|Product v1 Beta
Proof of Concept|June 2018
Q2 2018|Team Founded
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