Offering one-stop blockchain enterprise solutions to users, circulating value using crypto tokens.


On-chain Interactive Advertising SDK

Powered by intelligent technology, enables more possibilities for on-chain ads and better on-chain interaction experiences for users.


Easy to use

Plug and play on-chain interactive advertising

Safety & Stability

Data recorded on-chain encrypted, Traceable Transactions yet protected privacy.


One-stop enterprise-level solution

On-chain Campaign Management Platform

Creating diverse on-chain interactive campaigns, get started quickly executing ad campaigns and measuring performances.


Targeted Marketing

Enabling a new on-chain interactive ad paradigm, tracking ad performance and select targeted audiences using on-chain ranking.

Open & Transparent

Increasing transparency of on-chain advertising transactions, addressing disputes over data discrepancies and ad frauds.

Safe & Reliable

GDPR compliant by design, never touch user privacy, all interaction data will be recorded on public Blockchain.


On-chain Data Analytics Platform

An on-chain data analytics platform for addresses statistics and analysis, analyse audience behavior to improve your on-chain advertising campaigns’ ROI.


Data Analytics

Powered by blockchain technology, analyses user transactions, generating targetable audience profiles from on-chain data.

Audience Targeting

Based on on-chain data analytics, increase data transparency, identifying malicious and bot traffic.

Quality Measurement

Measuring the performance of ad campaigns base on on-chain interaction data